Crazy Average Singaporeans Offend Me

Rice I Am A Crazy Rich Asian, And Crazy Average Singaporeans Offend Me Pan Jie 25 April 2018 Dear Singapore, As a crazy rich Asian, I am deeply offended that you guys are offended by Crazy Rich Asians. When I saw the trailer drop yesterday, I was so excited that I nearly spat oolong all … Continue reading Crazy Average Singaporeans Offend Me

Trump Supporters React to Amos Yee

Mothership.Sg Trump supporters welcome Amos Yee with open arms, finds out what he said, doesn’t want him anymore Thet Nyi Nyi 28 March 2017 Amos Yee was recently granted asylum in America. This has prompted comments from all quarters, including a passive-aggressive statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Well, one subsection of America that … Continue reading Trump Supporters React to Amos Yee