Crazy Average Singaporeans Offend Me

Rice I Am A Crazy Rich Asian, And Crazy Average Singaporeans Offend Me Pan Jie 25 April 2018 Dear Singapore, As a crazy rich Asian, I am deeply offended that you guys are offended by Crazy Rich Asians. When I saw the trailer drop yesterday, I was so excited that I nearly spat oolong all … Continue reading Crazy Average Singaporeans Offend Me

Lou Engle in Singapore

Rice Lou Engle: An American Threatens a Christian-Muslim Divide in Singapore Benjamin Lim 25 March 2018 On stage inside the Singapore Expo hall, a Christian leader from the US proudly addresses the 2000-strong crowd: “The Muslims are taking over the south of Spain. But I had a dream, where I will raise up the church … Continue reading Lou Engle in Singapore