Are “Non-Traditional Families” Broken?

I on Singapore Are "Non-Traditional Families" Broken? IonSG 13 October 2017 In a letter to the Straits Times, "Don't undermine families when championing issues" (7 October 2017), Mr Christopher Goh "as a husband and a father", expressed his concerns at the joint report on gender discrimination submitted by various non-governmental organisations to the United Nations. …

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Trump Supporters React to Amos Yee

Mothership.Sg Trump supporters welcome Amos Yee with open arms, finds out what he said, doesn’t want him anymore Thet Nyi Nyi 28 March 2017 Amos Yee was recently granted asylum in America. This has prompted comments from all quarters, including a passive-aggressive statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Well, one subsection of America that …

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The Imam Issue: A Look at the Singapore Muslim Community

The Online Citizen The Singapore Muslim Community and the Imam Issue Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir 6 March 2017 It is well-known that Singapore is a multi-religious society. The 2014 report by Pew named our city-state as the most religiously diverse among the 232 countries studied. What is assumed in this discourse is that all religions are …

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